Ruth Sprenger Herrengarderobe nach Maß

Bespoke garments for gentlemen

Creating exclusive bespoke suits for gentlemen

ruth sprenger Damengarderobe nach Maß

Bespoke garments for ladies

Creating exclusive bespoke clothing for ladies

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Finest Fabrics

Large selection of exquisite Italian and English pieces of cloth

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Tailor’s services

“The constant care preserves the beautiful grace of the whole.”

Honoré de Balzac

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Bespoke garments for gentlemen

Creating the complete spectrum of bespoke garments: classic bespoke suits, business suits, casual and formal suits, cutaway morning coats, Stresemann stroller suits, dresscoats. Historical suits on request. All types of waistcoats, long coats, pants, machine washable trousers etc. Any individual demands on request.

Bespoke garments for ladies

Creating bespoke garments drawing upon classic men’s tailoring: bespoke suits and english costumes. Day and evening garments, blouses, skirts, pullovers, all types of model jackets, also according to templates, as well as all types of classic and modern coats, jackets etc.

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Schneiderservice ruth sprenger

Tailor's services

Of course, I will accept your bespoke garments for any possible repairs, amendments, alterations, maintenance, press and steaming. I would also be happy to arrange the cleaning or refreshing.