Customer Reviews


"These trousers have been so perfectly cut to a body that deviates significantly from the norm, that they increase my craving for wearing them constantly. Being a hypersensitive man that normally feels every seam itch, I do not even notice these excellent trousers when wearing them. Beyond this incomparable wearing comfort, these garments refer to the nowadays frowned upon distinctive hallmark of timeless quality and durabilty – though it does not reinforce the revenue of this gifted craftswoman, it does please me perpetually."
Walter Vogel
"Mrs. Sprenger conveys the idea of timeless elegance in her suits. The craftsmanship that goes into her pieces astonishes me every time. It's not just how you look, but how you feel in her so beautifully handmade suits. Mrs. Sprenger is well read in the area of philosophy and elegance. This enriches her pieces and the conversations. It seems like every stitch has a meaning. And whenever I'm in her atelier I seem to learn a thing or two. I am very grateful to have her as a tailor, there's nothing like a Sprenger suit."
Lydia Weinöhrl
Singer, Entrepreneur, Wien
"I actually came into contact with Ruth Sprenger by chance – my bridal gown still had to be amended while my appointment with a previous tailor had been cancelled. Being the kind and obliging person that she is, Ruth Sprenger unconditionally accepted me as a customer and agreed to execute all desired changes. Having taken away my anxiety, she worked at lightning speed and made all the necessary corrections to the twelve layers of the skirt part of my wedding dress. She is a passionate bespoke tailor, who puts her heart and soul into every single commission – I definitely owe her a debt of gratitude."
Hester Spiegel
Senior Scientist, Vienna
"Having found Ruth Sprenger by chance, I am now totally convinced by her love for both craftsmanship as well as for the perfect execution. I made the right decision by commissioning her to build me a bespoke garment. The sheer quality of the fabric and the superb finishing delight me each time I wear this piece of clothing. I really enjoy the bespoke blazer that she has cut me. I will highly recommend her."
Dr. Martin Schwarz
"Dear Ruth Sprenger, I wore my bespoke suit, designed specifically for my body, for the first time last week, during a high level conference. It felt entirely mine - comfortable, accommodating my movements and elegant. Thank you for making the entire process so comfortable. You were patient while we deliberated over design, colour and fabric. I now have a jacket with pockets in all the right places, a button hole to accommodate a Remembrance Day poppy - not a normal feature on women's suits and trousers that flatter my figure and actually fit my hips and thighs. It was great, being able to talk about women's garments, with a sympathetic woman of a similar age, experiencing similar changes in our bodies. Kind regards."
N. M.
Diplomat, Vienna
"An unrivalled Master Tailor: To not only cut the supreme discipline in men’s bespoke tailoring (the tailcoat), but also to interpret it in a classical yet novel way, requires a true Master Tailor as well as an artist possessing courage, empathy and imagination. Especially as this particular garment was to be the first piece of clothing that this tailor was planning to create for a man that places very high demands on his wardrobe. Having found Ruth Sprenger, makes me all the more pleased, as she is not only a Master Tailor, but also an artist, who strives for perfection in this noble garment – her professional standards have proven to be even higher than mine. Having started with the selection of the Italian cloth, moving on to the cut inspired by Marlene Dietrich, up until the minute details, it has been an exhilirating journey. The crowning end of which was a masterly unique piece of clothing that not only impressed me, but my wife as well. Another special feature is the colour of the cloth: where midnight blue was preferred to the more obvious classic black. This will lend the tailcoat its subtle shades of colour, depending on the altering of the natural light during the day – its reflection on the cloth will change accordingly, giving the tailcoat a very precious appearance. I feel honoured to be able to call this unique piece of garment my own – and what is an even greater honour, to wear this tailcoat at my wedding (and beyond).”
Wolfgang Wutschitz
Qualitymanagement Pharmacy, Vienna
“Like many of his former regular customers, it was on Herbert Kryza’s recommendation that I came to visit Ruth Sprenger. Herbert Kryza, the legendary bespoke tailor from Klagenfurt (Austria), with a national and international reputation. Regardless if it is about simple or complicated repairs or alterations of older garments, or ordering a new bespoke suit, Ruth Sprenger’s way of working in is line with the craftmanship tradition of her profession. In the accellerated pace of fashion, in which even expensive designer pieces are often manufactured below par, the unique masterpieces coming into existence in Ruth Sprenger’s atelier, are made from fabrics that will be handled accurately and laboriously. Ruth Sprenger’s core competence is the elegant classic gentleman’s garment and consulting her will immediately show that this empathetic yet pleasantly reserved bespoke tailor, has not only a profound knowledge about fabrics, cutting and design, but will also advise on and pay attention to the smallest details. Therefore every single fitting at her atelier in the Liebiggasse will turn into a memorable event, until ultimately one is allowed to take the desired masterpiece home. In times when true craftsmanship is on the verge of extinction, this lady with the vivid passion for her profession, embodies a true glimmer of hope. We are talking about the art of creating bespoke garments at the highest level.”
Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Fritz Nagele
Doctor, Vienna, Austria.
"Dear Ruth Sprenger, I would like you to be aware of my enthusiasm and gratitude for the wonderful jacket and matching pants. My friends admire both the style as well as the fit of both garments. Every single time I go out, I utterly enjoy the appriopriate design (let’s call it “old fashion”) of both pieces – as they embody my specific requirements/wishes, referring to the fashionable types of garments from around the turn of the 20th century and the Roaring Twenties/Thirties respectively. Especially in modern times, where “slim fit” à la Kern, Kurz and company seems to be the norm, I feel very much at ease in the garments you created. Currently, pants for both men and women are being designed significantly wider. Hurray, I am a trendsetter. I am and would like to remain one of your regular customers and highly appreciate your advice as well as taking my presonal requirements into consideration – not to mention your personale engagement. I WILL RETURN and look forward to our next personal meeting. Kind regards,"
Kommerzialrat Reinhold J.Eglau
Entrepreneur, Vienna, Austria.
"I feel so fortunate to have discovered Ruth Sprenger! As a film and TV actress, it is frequent that I need costume and clothing altered or custom made. Discussing/envisioning a garment is always a dream with Ms. Sprenger. She is a master of tailoring. She perfects the fit. She always understands exactly what I am talking about and what a garment needs for the desired result. She is full of creativity, ideas and suggestions. She proposes beautiful fabrics, and is full of ingenuity and skill. I am confident that with her I can obtain the result I am looking for. She has made clothing of the highest quality and fit for my personal wardrobe, made alterations of some of my vintage clothing from Yves Saint Laurent, perfecting the fit to look great on my body. Ms. Sprenger has an excellent work ethic, always delivering the highest quality down to the finest detail, on time as promised! I can only give her the highest of recommendations. FIVE STARS!!!"
Justine Parsons
Film and TV Actress, New York, USA and Vienna, AUstria
"In Praise of Ruth Sprenger … There are occasions in life when how you appear determines success or mediocrity. Feeling confident in your clothing makes a great difference. I had such a test recently, and had a special blue blazer made for the occasion. Ruth is a master tailor who brought this blazer and other special pieces of my wardrobe to reality."
Thomas E. Shea, PhD
Nuclear Disarmament, Non-Proliferation, International (IAEA) Safeguards, Autor, Vienna, Austria
“Ruth Sprenger has equipped me with comfortable winter and summer suits. Thanks to the additional pockets in both jackets and pants, I have no need of a briefcase when I am underway. For any future requirements, I will be more than happy to visit my proficient tailor.”
Banker retired, Perchtoldsdorf, Austria
"Ruth Sprenger has cut me an exclusive bespoke three-piece suit and I am still receiving numerous compliments on the final result. Her service and guidance are outstanding. She only uses high quality fabrics – in my particular case it was Ermenegildo Zegna’s Traveller – because she demands the highest standards of quality, perfection and especially of elegance. My bespoke suit (“the Blue Beauty”) shows how stylistically versatile she is, how perfect her tailoring, how excellent her manual craftmanship and attention to details – this is what uncompromising, outstanding quality looks like. Conclusion: Ruth Sprenger is an excellent master tailor and one of Vienna’s best men’s bespoke tailors – unreserved recommendation.”
Paul André Jansen
Logistician, the Netherlands
“I highly appreciate Ruth Sprenger’s craftmanship, because she passionately follows her vocation instead of just doing her job. The suits and jackets that she created for me, reflect this passion, as each of these garments fits to absolute perfection. As she not only uses the finest fabrics from famous suppliers like Zegna, but also has adviced me timeless-classic fitting styles, each of my garments is still in immaculate shape after many years, and can be worn without any limitations.”
Dr. F. S.
Entrepreneur, Germany
“The suits from the Sprenger Atelier tend to move with me, unnoticeable, like an exquisite second skin, and fit to prefection. I am fascinated, that these sheer perfect garments success in making me feel really beautiful.”
Werner Boote
Director, Vienna, Austria
“From the cutting, through every fitting session, the pressing, until the very last stitch, everything gets done by one pair of hands only!”
Gerhard Sliutz
Vienna, Austria
“Ruth Sprenger is a true master at her profession. She is versatile, flexible and creative and she is able to fulfil almost every wish regarding style, fitting style and functionality. Moreover, she is also very reliable and strictly keeps all of her agreed appointments. I have already tried out several tailors, but Ruth Sprenger was the first and the only one, with whom I was fully satisfied. Meanwhile, I have her create me multiple suits, jackets, pants and a coat – all of these garments fit to perfection and possess the highest quality. These garments do not just look extremely good, they are also a real pleasure to wear and one is able to move around freely in them.”
Vienna, Austria
"I could not recommend Ruth more highly. As a petite woman working in a traditional field, I have been to many tailors for workwear over the years, and not one has had such high levels of good judgment, skill, and understanding of form as Ruth. Her professionalism and service is also outstanding; no job is too small or large, and estimated turnover times are always speedy and reliable. Thank you, Ruth!"
Barrister and Jurist, Vienna, Austria
“Very competent and friendly consultation. Excellent price/value ratio. Alterations and bespoke garments are always perfect.”
Michaela Dunkl
Google Review
“A perfect doctor understands the science AND the art of healing. Ruth Sprenger, who informed me that she also studied philosophy, succeeds in achieving this in her profession. A Sprenger bespoke suit does not only make you look good, it also makes you feel well; the doctor would call it health care. Ruth Sprenger is firstline protection against bad taste. Ruth Sprenger, the leading “chief physician” in her line of business.”
Werner Höller
Google Review
"Due to a rather constricted schedule (18 days), I urgently needed an elegant three-piece suit and subsequently discussed this with Ruth Sprenger during a personal meeting. Considering the short notice, I selected one of the fabrics that was in stock, though after 2 days during cutting, it turned out that due to quality concerns, this particular piece of cloth was no longer usable (due to discolorations). During the next visit, a new fabric was selected, which was delivered within 2 days – after a telephone call with the supplier. Within the next 10 days a true masterpiece, including all desired personal demands, was finalized. Not only do I immensely like this suit, it was also very well-received during the special occasion – people judged it as elegant and sophisticated. Naturally, bespoke quality comes at a certain price point – but the differences in quality and craftmanship are truly visible. Nothing strains, there are no awful creases and the suit fits perfectly – as if it were a second skin! Last but not least, I would need to point out the fact that the complete three-piece suit was created at very short notice. Thank you for this successful masterpiece! Should you, dear reader, appreciate exquisite garments, then I can only recommend Ruth Sprenger’s craftsmanship – because of her technical mastery, you will be at the right place as well as being well dressed."
Mag. Dr. Christoph Fronius
Vienna, Austria
"Biking on my way to work, a quotation on the door of a bespoke atelier, always managed to catch my eye: “The most essential impact of elegance is: hiding the effort it requires.” (Honoré de Balzac). This very citation brought me to Ruth Sprenger’s salon, concerning my forthcoming marriage. Prior to the creation of my wedding suit, she suggested an in-depth conversation to understand my personal requirements – enabling her to create the suit. The handing over of this wonderful garment, also ended with an impressive quote from Ruth Sprenger: “I have incorporated lots of happiness”. Since then, Ruth Sprenger built multiple garments for me, in which I can see both of her vocations – philosophy and bespoke tailoring – unified in an impressive and surprising way. These are garments that Ruth Sprenger hands over to me, as a companion on my life’s journey. And every single time I am putting them on, it pleases me to wear garments that not only radiate the highest tailoring quality, but also embody subtlety and intellect."
Mag. Walter Paulhart
Vienna, Austria
"Precision, style, know-how as well as passion for the craftmanship of bespoke tailoring – Maestra Sprenger epitomizes all of this. Gentleness is another hallmark. Many of these features she has inherited from Alfred Konsal, the unique master tailor of Vienna’s 7th district. Konsal gave up his atelier years ago. Being a former customer of Konsal, enables me to highly value Ruth Sprenger’s skills – I can only recommend her creations."
Dr. Margaretha Kopeinig
Journalist and Author, Vienna Austria
Pants are like a poem. Only suitable for festive/gala occasions.
W. V.
Photographer, Düsseldorf, Germany
"A noteworthy address for those who do not simply put on their clothes, but wish to be well-dressed. Perfect bespoke garments from a passionate master tailor. Handmade garments designed to fit the individual customer, lasting for decades, timeless – offering the opportunity to enlarge your understanding of garments and tailors."
Mag. Ing. Friedrich Docekal
Sen. Mgr. Mars Inc./ret., enjoying life, Vienna Austria
"Both the meticulous selection of excellent fabrics as well as the high level of vigorous craftmanship, have convinced me quite quickly. Already during the process of creation, I enjoy the visible and the tangible progress – during the subsequent fittings I am eagerly looking forward to the finalization. And the ongoing joy of bespoke suits, lasting many years shows the proverbial “man made perfect.”
Oliver G.
Vienna, Austria
As an "institution" in the fabrics industry, with extensive experience in the clothing industry at the highest level, for once I really wanted to do something really good for myself and have a truly bespoke jacket made. Made from extremely delicate Fox Brothers Lambswool (Somerset Jacketings) and fitted with lining and haberdashery from Bernstein & Banleys (Cupro Jaquard Linings and pure Horn Buttons – ofcourse the dull ones – with the beautiful saucer style) it ought to become a super lightweight and “cosy as a housecoat” jacket. Due to the Coronavirus a lot of time passed, so the second fitting was even scheduled months after the first baste fitting – during which time my weight also increased, unfortunately. The bespoke part was a true delight. Consulting such a knowledgeable tailor, regarding details (lining, unpadded shoulders, the size of the armhole, setting of the sleeves, shape of the pockets etc.) was a pleasant anticipation. The second fitting was the most exciting exercise. Amendments to the fitting, minor balance corrections, deciding on shape and size of the lapels and collar, as well as finishing details (where ought the upper button to be placed and most important where would the buttonhole be located for a three-roll-two jacket). Subsequently, a mere three days passed till the third fitting (my compliments for the strong work ethic). The finalized piece of art: the sheer comfort – justice was done to the fabric in every possible aspect. The unstructured shoulder and setting of the sleeves would certainly not have been executed any better in Naples, Italy. The precision of the finishing and the beauty of the details (multiple inner pockets), button holes etc – a pleasure! Notwithstanding slight bodily shortcomings, I feel dressed favourably. The price-quality ratio is very appropriate, when I realize that a Brioni or Zegna off-the-rack jacket would have cost exactly the same. An experience from conception to the final handing over of the jacket that I do not repent – a genuine compliment. I already have ideas for mutual future projects.
Matthias Rollmann
Obviously, to a perfect garment naturally also belongs a perfect, high quality fabric. Such a fabric requires optimal craftmanship, as well as first class quality accessories like horsetail hair and silk lining, threads, yarn etc. All these components will be incorporated in full harmony by Ruth Sprenger. This garment will adapt itself to the body’s particular shape and thereby offering superb comfort in wearing, that can only be achieved by being truly bespoke handmade as well as being pressed into the beautiful shape of bespoke.
Heinz Pressl
Entrepreneur, Vienna Austria
"The suit has spoken:
Not a day
without me!"
Prof. S. T.
Vienna, Austria
In ancient Greek mythology, the 9 Olympian Muses are the inspirational Goddesses of literature, science and the arts. According to Hesiod's account, they were the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne: Calliope (epic poetry). Clio (history). Euterpe (flutes and music). Thalia (comedy and pastoral poetry). Melpomene (tragedy). Terpsichore (dance). Erato (love poetry and lyric poetry). Polyhymnia (hymns and sacred poetry). Urania (astronomy). Hesiod, please allow me to mention Ruth Sprenger as the Muse of the Art of the Bespoke Suit. Any gentleman sensing her craftsmanship in her suits, feels like a God.
Embassy Official, Vienna
I’m intrigued by the level of professionalism and precision craftsmanship of Ms. Ruth Sprenger. Her reputation proceeds her when it comes to the fine art of bespoke tailoring. Her knowledge in men’s attire is so fascinating and introduces you to the smallest details that distinguishes her from others. Ms. Sprenger is very detailed oriented and her passion to bespoke tailoring is a valuable asset I personally cherish. Thank you for all the effort and support you provided throughout the years.
M. A.
Diplomat, Vienna
If you will ever have the pleasure of getting a suit made by master tailor Ruth Sprenger you are not buying a garment but rather a wearable north star for your life's journey. You will become the owner of something truly unique and special, made by an obsessed perfectionist to lead your own private and business pursuits. It will incessantly remind you what could be achieved by a life of dedication, curiosity and love for your craft. Wear it, cherish it and hope that you will become worthy of it.
M. M.
Commodity trader, Vienna
Being quite a tall woman (over 6 ft) with long and slim arms and legs and claiming high quality in fitting and material I‘m lucky for having the possibility to get manufactured clothing by professional dressmakers since many years. Living in Vienna, I am glad having found Ruth Sprenger a couple of years ago. She is by far the best bespoke tailor I have met, not only for building suits for gentlemen, but also for high quality garments for ladies. Meeting her in her atelier is a pleasure, because right from the first consultation, you will be convinced of her passion concerning clothing, her technical skills, as well as her enthusiasm and ability to develop mutual ideas. Her experience and know-how enable her to advice you on what designs will please and fit you the best. I am particularly impressed by her willingness to invest a lot of time to find the perfect fabric: she will offer you a wide range of fabrics from Italian, English and other origins, which are all made from natural high quality fibres (wool, silk, linen). Such an impressive range of cloth and colours can nowadays only be found with the best bespoke tailors. Ruth Sprenger was also able to fulfil one of my wishes that I had for years: a white maxi godet skirt made of fine linen and lined with silk, making it look Belle Epoque as well as modern. It was matched with a very elegant short-sleeved blazer in cream. Two classical pieces that I can wear together or combine them with many other pieces I already own. Our second project was a feminine but also classical navy summer blazer made out of a high quality shiny summer wool fabric. This has turned out to be the best cut blazer I ever had! I am so grateful to Ruth Sprenger for offering the unique, individual experiences every time I wear these timeless pieces (which is quite often) and I am truly looking forward to our next project!
Christiane Weber
Scientist of Musicology, Vienna
Ruth Sprenger is unquestionably a phenomenal tailor, who masters her craft at the highest level. Her skills in men’s tailoring are utterly impressive and set standards in the field of bespoke garments. She allows her customers ample time, to express their needs and demands and listens carefully in order to understand every single detail. She formulates her advice based on the greatest possible expertise and without any time pressure. Ruth Sprenger adds another dimension to the world of bespoke suits and her work is a tribute to the art of tailoring. Furthermore, her passion for fits and fabrics is highly irresistible. Accordingly, I placed my next order right away!
O. K.
Arzt, Wien