Tradition and Self-Image of a Handmade Masterpiece

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die hohe kunst der herrenkleidermacher ruth sprenger

The art of tailoring in a suit or: what exactly is Bespoke Tailoring? Due to the often abused concept of “Bespoke”, it seems as if the Bespoke Tailor is almost forgotten. He signed for the stylish elegance of the Gentleman, secretly becoming the creator of the Gentleman’s second skin. But what makes a Suit into the aesthetically superior and at the same time the most successful piece of garment of a man’s wardrobe? Who wrote the Civil Law of Men’s Fashion? From which source does the Suit draw its undiminished modernity and its erotic appeal? How would you recognize, even up until today, undoubtedly the High Art of male/female Bespoke Tailors and how does it come into existence?

die hohe kunst der herrenkleidermacher buch ruth sprenger

The High Art of Gentlemen’s Bespoke Tailors

Book author ruth sprenger

Institutions and icons of male elegance will be discussed, like the architect and garment-lover Adolf Loos (1870-1933), as well as the Viennese tailor-poet Josef Gunkel (1802-1878). The art-historical concept of the Men’s Bespoke Tailor will be explored, based on examples from Alfred Konsal’s oeuvre of Bespoke Masterpieces. For the first time, powerful photographs combined with lovingly prepared expertise, provide insight into the work of a clothing-artist; from this oeuvre grows a vivid appreciation of the Suit’s aesthetic perfection. More than 500 keywords linked to the theme of Gentleman’s Fashion will be worked out in detail, complementing this cultural history of the elegant Gentleman.